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PGP Public Key

For anyone who wants to offer opinions or share news privately: Email: —–BEGIN PGP PUBLIC KEY BLOCK—– Version: Mailvelope v0.9.0 Comment: Email security by Mailvelope – xsFNBFQUiU4BEADXB2ErkIr766D+Y+T9gDUr6YHM+u6EXz6oWFg33I8mVQ2b Yv38MLhunYC8ne1ici4pHU+tDY8S0msurm5LM+dXvEyKxOixDHQfwDAn/FVX MvMqvbPv6NHdpT6eCwXXCTRIkHG3mOXYQXiVXz1+zlZ2mdP5M5npz/zF0gmZ aQ6whZQLZ7akZflxg+YdXgFHFqIxvY/o/qqsq2ZglUnECcY11ICf6xtJHBc2 […]