Infospectives Art

My ‘art’ a.k.a my occasionally extreme doodling. Done to mentally decompress after deciphering data protection regulations, wrangling risks, and interpreting InfoSec standards. A kind soul surprised me by suggesting I let you see a few. If they make folk smile, which some reportedly did, it would seem remiss in this day and age not to put them out there 🙂

At the bottom I’ve included a second gallery of privacy and security related graphics created for slide decks and posts.

Despite it all essentially being a bi-product of the day job, I have been deathly flattered by a couple of requests to reuse, or to busk on a specific theme to create something bespoke. If any images shared grab you that way, you are more than welcome to contact me to discuss.

If, on the other hand, you were planning to just nick and reuse, that would make me sad and disappoint me (going straight for the psychological big guns there, based on an optimistic assumption you give a monkey’s). I freely share a heck of a lot of stuff and don’t allow adverts or otherwise try to make money from the blog, but I still make every effort to pay to reuse images (unless I have permission from the creator, or they’re creative commons licensed), so please consider returning that ethical favour.

Ta muchly and enjoy đź‘Ť

Sarah Clarke