Privacy and GDPR

Children’s Comissioner on concerning use of school children’s data

We welcome the Children’s Commissioner report “Who knows what about me?” which shows how children’s data is routinely collected online. The report points out that children are among the first to be ‘datafied’ from birth, including policy and practice in schools, and comments on the datafication of children in the education sector; school databases, classroom…read the full article on the Defend Digital Me blog

Do read this. Children often walk trustingly into sharing data because we teach teach them to trust. Now is the time to arm yourself with facts on their behalf so we can teach them to trust but verify. Something I’ve learned to do to reach a privacy, access, cost, and convenience trade off that works for me and my family…as far as we know.

And THAT is the point. We don’t know. Time to dig. Time to open your eyes. Time to demand transparency and take advantage of it when it’s won.

Thank you for reading and do support Jen Persson’s defenddigitalme mission to bring use of children’s data to light and push for essential transparency and oversight.

Image copyright: dolgachov

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