Corporate Security

The Human Factor Podcast

Some time ago Jenny Radcliffe (internationally respected social engineering, people risk, and negotiations expert) asked me to be a guest on her new Human Factor podcast. I was delighted to accept. The result is now out in the wild…


…along with the preceding two episodes featuring people I greatly respect: Tracey Maleeff and Graham Cluley


A chat with Jenny is always a treat. She manages to put her guests at ease to the extent where they perhaps share more than they would elsewhere (kind of goes with her territory). The result, from my perspective, is an unguarded and very honest interview covering a broad range of ways that people play a crucial part in my historical InfoSec and current Privacy day job. It also, to my surprise, ended up with an explicit content warning (nothing to scare the horses, honest).

People risk, insider threats, social engineering, influencing, negotiation skills, behavioural psychology….all essential and easy to deprioritise parts of our day jobs and well leveraged tools in the armoury of those wishing to do us and our organisations harm.

I can’t promise you will find any revelations in my interview, but I’m certain the podcast series, other resources on Jenny’s site, and Jenny herself provide invaluable additions to our collective knowledge store.


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