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A Thanksgiving For The Good Security Guys

Just noticed the date in time to send a late message to bodies across the pond I’m lucky enough to know. Here’s to you, all the good going on over there, and all the great stuff online in-between 🙂

Lack of mention is not exclusion. I’m just forgetful and tired. As I tell all my friends: If you lend me money, or I owe you a favour, you should remind me…frequently.


Shameless borrow from here


Cheryl Biswas (@3ncr1p3d)

A special kind of female role model. Security realist, cross-functional technical and non-technical sense maker, great writer, great speaker, encourager, truth sayer, truth seeker, owner of rare humility, supporter, crusader (in the best sense of that word). My internets would be a whole lot less happy and hopeful a place without you 🙂

Jerry Bell (@maliciouslink)

Evidence that this trade doesn’t beat the optimism, generosity and integrity out of everyone. Whether nailing the Defensive Security podcasts with equally sharply-witty aviating nerd (nerd is his categorisation, not mine) Andrew Kalat (@lerg), or just having my back when the imposter syndrome bites, I’m always grateful for your time. Don’t stop doing what you do. The ripples of your deep, thoughtful insight build, and we’ll eventually get where your kind intent and effort deserves to take us.

J Wolfgang  Goerlich (@jwgoerlich)

Oh the bliss of a genuine and thoughtful exchange on security without the constant one-upmanship that is so, so common. Few senior and influential professionals are so generous with the time they spend sharing their knowledge and encouraging others. As a trade we seem to have a lot of really good people who are genuinely driven to make things better for everyone, but having had the pleasure of a few hours in your company, your special brand of pragmatic, optimistic, motivation is fantastically contagious. Thanksgivings for road congestion because so much sense gets spoken while you’re stuck 🙂

Lesley Carhart (@hacks4pancakes)

Thankfully hugely influential in the bloke-dominated tech InfoSec spaces. I’ve only recently had the pleasure of a proper exchange (albeit just digitally), with Lesley, but the effort she makes to demystify what we do is huge and phenomenal. She’s a unifying force and offers knife-sharp commentary on the muppetry, brilliance, arrogance and future possibilities in our trade. Thanks for being one of the many folk who trusted my good intentions (despite the ‘security suit’), and for grafting so very, very hard to share your hard won lessons with us all, especially the folk just starting out.

thanksgiving-myg-catgryRandy Bator (Most often on LinkedIn)

Another one grounded in the real business world when it comes to the shifting and mountainous sands of our mutual challenges. A hugely experienced InfoSec pro who has encouraged me to share my thoughts when I was in ‘why would folk want to listen to me’ mode. With a keen, keen eye for great stories, truths behind them, and pointers to the places those at risk need to go. Thank you for the humour, smarts, encouragement and thought provoking debates. A welcome, welcome holiday from the shallow self-help ocean one is always at risk of drowning in on ‘that’ social network. Through there and your blogs (yes blogs multiple – do check them out – Tech-Wreck InfoSec and Engineering Risk Vectors), the fight is a civil, informed, clarity-injecting one, and we’re all better off for it.

So, so, so many others

Phew…so that’s that for now. No doubt I’ll facepalm my way through the next few hours as I spot other fabulous people I didn’t include before posting. Names floating through my mind already – Kate Brew (@securitybrew), kind, terrifyingly smart and eloquent lady, who I haven’t talked to enough. Rob Lewis (@InfoSec_Tourist) another fella passionate about making a difference and caring enough to sometimes disagree with me ea346-despicable_me_2_minions-widevehemently, but offer references and insight to fill tech knowledge gaps instead of trolling. Tracy Malleef (@InfoSecSherpa), new online acquaintance, but it’s already so apparent she’s another bastion of humility and sense wading willingly into daunting waters daily to gain and share knowledge. Bryan Brake (@BryanBrake) co-host of the fantastic Brakeing Down Security podcast, rapidly becoming my go-to place for humour, sense and accessible clarity about key areas of the trade, and participant in some incredibly thought provoking and grin-inducing recent exchanges.

I could go on..and on…and on…and on.

Overall, thank you all. I didn’t expect the social-mediaverse to be a welcoming place, and all of you (plus hundreds of others on both sides of the pond) have made it more than welcoming…you’ve made it a place where bravery and sense is rewarded and encouraged

And when there’s the occasional bad guy? Thanks to faith in the trade you’ve lent me, it’s just extra colour for the mind-blowing mix 🙂



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