Infospectives in SC Magazine – On Implications of JP Morgan’s Doubled CyberSecurity Budget

The CEO of US investment bank JPMorgan says the company will double its spending in cyber-security following a data breach which affected approximately 84 million account holders…

Asda insurer and 83m JPMorgan customers hacked

…“We had a little problem recently,” said Dimon, referencing the data breach, before adding that the firm intends to double its cyber-security spending from US$ 250 million (£156 million) annually in 2014 to US$ 500 million (£311 million) in five years time…

…Sarah Clarke, former group functions IT risk strategy manager at Aviva and now MD of information security consultancy Infospectives, told SC that the spending is the latest sign of the ‘boom, bust’ budget cycle in the security sector.

Click HERE to read the full article including more from me on the tendency towards incident driven, high profile, but often short-lived commitment to improving security defenses.

Infospectives Security GRC Consultancy

5This article coincides with the launch of our consultancy offerings.  I’ve distilled some hard-won lessons about what works and what doesn’t work in the world of security governance, risk and compliance. It reflects security operations and management experience gained over many years and in many sectors (most recently financial services).

I’m delighted to be focusing on Infospectives full-time now (well almost – there are an incredible amount of exciting things going on with GiveADay at the moment too) and it is great to fulfill an ambition to offer some niche security consultancy. Advice, tips, tricks and analyses designed to guide you around some of the obstacles I have hit quite hard during my time in the trade.

Why not have a look at what we’re up to. If you spot some familiar challenges and would like help to fully understand and meet them, please do get in touch (

Sarah Clarke

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