Great Advice For Folk Who Can’t Help Creating Stuff

Some of you will already have seen this speech by Neil Gaiman to a 2012 graduating arts class. The video is below, but I’m going to pick out and paraphrase one of the highlights:

Rainbow light bulbsTo get a job and get offered more great jobs 3 things are important:

  • Producing great stuff
  • Being easy to get along with and
  • Delivering work on time

BUT you don’t have to nail all 3…2 will do;

  • People will tolerate you being a pain in the ass if what you produce is great and you get it in on time.
  • You don’t have to be as good as everyone else if you charm the pants of folk and always hit deadlines and
  • You’ll be forgiven for submitting work late if what you submit is great and you’re always a pleasure to hear from.

To any editors reading this and considering paying for my writing; I of course deliver on all 3 fronts all of the time 🙂

For any aspiring bloggers, designers, painters, sculptors, scriptwriters, inventors, architects, engineers, developers and anyone else who is excited by creating something original, this is worth watching.

For me it provoked a pivotal decision. Something I may blog about soon.



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