Cleavage & Clouds – For The Analogies Project

Published by The Analogies Project. A different kind of look at how cloud environment and cloud usage affects cloud risks;

Clouds & Cleavage

Photo Credit: jeffbalke via Compfight cc

“One thing up front: This is not, in case you were hoping, an attempt at adult InfoSec fiction.

Rather, it should resonate with anyone using, or planning to use cloud solutions and anyone who’s seen or heard of a celebrity being caught unawares by paparazzi.   If you’ve ever registered the latter, you probably thought one of the following;

“Serves them right for behaving like a moron” or
“Poor sod, that’s their career over”

On the other hand, you might have spotted the story, but not summoned the energy to care.  That’s almost certainly because a red hot PR machine sprang into action to spin it just right then make it disappear.

If you have an example in mind, keep it there while reading on…”

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