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Ever Lost Your Phone? What’s The REAL Fallout? – For The Analogies Project

For Looking at the grief and pain involved in losing your phone, what you can do to avoid it and why you should thank your lucky stars you don’t work in information security.


Can’t find your phone?

Most of us have temporarily mislaid or lost a phone.  Perhaps, if very unlucky, you’ve had one stolen.

It’s a nightmare.

Initially it’s an utter pain to have no means to contact people while on the move and not to be contactable.

Then there are all your contacts, including numbers, addresses, email addresses and birthdays.

Not to mention that picture of your daughter taken on her first day of school, the video of her riding her bike for the first time or the snap taken of the whiteboard where you’d mapped out a revolutionary way to double profits, but hadn’t yet transcribed it onto your laptop.

There’s lots of bought content on there too, including movies, apps and music.

Then you think about all the websites with automatic logon enabled; Facebook, your webmail, your Amazon account, plus the odd password on there just in case cookies get deleted.  Oh dear, there’s bank account details as well.  Account number, sort code and pin.  Not something you’d usually do, but you’ve just changed banks and have struggled to memorise them.

I’m sure while reading this, you’re thinking it isn’t as bad as it sounds. Thinking there’s lots in place to keep potential fallout under control…

You can read the whole analogy here…

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