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PsyFi – Big Internet Data of As Yet Unforeseen Things

With the tidal wave of big data analytics and IoT washing over me on Twitter every day, I can’t help letting my mind wander.


Dunno about you, but I really enjoyed Jodie Foster’s film Contact (showing my age here).  It struck me that humankind has never before had the capability to produce, capture, store and increasingly meaningfully analyse such gigantic quantities of data. “Just got that mail love?” I hear you cry. Yeah, well, some things are so big they take a while to get usefully processed.

What if (and that’s the crux of any purely speculative or fictional PsyFi bits I put out there), what if, between the micro and the meta, above the language and the memes, beyond all currently interpretable themes, there’s something else? A current running through the yottabytes of accumulated data.  A peek at a pattern that no prior generation has had the means to perceive. Not yet interpret, but almost imperceptibly detect.

A generation Y ghost in the machine.

images (1)

Tempting for many to insert a spiritual dimension here.  Not judgmental about that, but prefer to leave things unexplained to feed the human drive to discover.

I’m not offering any theories about what this might mean, IF it exists.  Higgs Bosonic principles say, if I’ve miraculously hit on something, it will be an ignored concept for the decade or two it might take to develop capabilities not just to hear, but to listen carefully to this “medi-scopic” digital specter.

No matter how quantum or how cosmic our knowledge, there is always more to find.  Again tempting to see the hand of a creator in the fact this never ends, but I have enjoyed thinking about a new truth that might live somewhere in the middle, just so ephemeral and impossible to usefully aggregate (for now) that it’s entirely idle fun to imagine.

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